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Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 35: Preventing Burnout, Resilience, Phone Addiction


Coach Jeff Grant

April 2 · Issue #35 · View online

My digest is a collection of inspirational and instructional resources I find interesting and wish to share, including my latest content. To save you time, I pen a quick preview & highlight the key parts to check out.

Hi everyone and welcome to spring! This edition covers resilience, phone addiction, and getting an outsider’s perspective. There’s also an April fitness challenge for you and some thoughts on burnout prevention.
If you want to spend some time together this year, please come see me in Geneva for a preventative dose of anti-burnout wellness. I offer weekend retreats at La Réserve Genève most months of the year, with a unique mix of all the things I love in a 48-hour de-stress escape: vinyasa and yin yoga, music, meditation, sensory experiences, and walking/running/swimming.
Check out any of the articles below that grab your attention, and have a great start to your spring!

3 Ways For Runners to Build Resilience
Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain
Push-up Challenge April 2019–> Are you IN?
The Value of an Outside-In Perspective
Personal Update
I’m focusing a lot of energy lately in the burnout prevention space. It’s an area I’ve always incorporated into my coaching for endurance athletes, as athletes are often hard-drivers with a tendency to go full (over)speed in several areas of life at once. Despite our collective knowledge on burnout prevention and so much technology available to “make life easier,” I see more and more cases of at-the-limit stress and life-impacting burnout than ever before, in athletes and non-athletes alike.
While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as a foundation, I see so much value in movement, breath and music. Movement (via endurance sports, fitness, yoga, etc.) has been a positive force in my life for two decades, and music for twice that long. I’ve never been a champion in either, and that’s the point … you don’t have to be to reap the benefits. Intention is more important than talent.
And breath is a game-changer, as even just a few minutes of deep breathing each day can have a major impact on your nervous system, sense of calm, and focus.
That’s your friendly reminder for April … get outside and move a little more often, breath deeply daily, and dust off or buy a musical instrument to play every now and then. And if you’re already doing all of that, then maybe encourage a friend to do the same.
Trail running in the French Jura, near Geneva
Trail running in the French Jura, near Geneva
Breathing deeply in Bali, with an active volcano overlooking
Breathing deeply in Bali, with an active volcano overlooking
Picking up my 1980s trombone after refurbishment in Geneva
Picking up my 1980s trombone after refurbishment in Geneva
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