Coach Jeff Grant

My digest is a collection of inspirational and instructional resources I find interesting and wish to share, including my latest content. To save you time, I pen a quick preview & highlight the key parts to check out.

My digest is a collection of inspirational and instructional resources I find interesting and wish to share, including my latest content. To save you time, I pen a quick preview & highlight the key parts to check out.

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Stronger Together: Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 39

Hi, I wanted to reach out to you today to share some resources to help during the COVID-19 lockdown. I filmed several short, approachable videos on stress-relieving breathing techniques and basic yoga, and also created a series of micro fitness challenges to …


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 38: Take a hike!

I've been so busy writing and working to grow my speaking business that I've missed a couple months of my normal winter swimming adventures! Hoping to turn that around in February, once more lakes start to freeze -- as it's more fun being cold if you first ha…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 37: Burnout

One of my main goals in May was to reduce digital time, via my own Digital Detox Challenge -- doing my best to take my own medicine! I broke a lot of habits that opened up TIME to be present and to reevaluate tech dependency and addiction. The simplest and mo…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 36: Digital Detox

I'm getting excited already about some adventure projects in the works for this summer. My buddy and I are organizing a multi-day ultra marathon of SwimRuck for late August in Switzerland. We're calling it the Bögeyman Ultra. It will be a 100KM-long course, i…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 35: Preventing Burnout, Resilience, Phone Addiction

I'm focusing a lot of energy lately in the burnout prevention space. It's an area I've always incorporated into my coaching for endurance athletes, as athletes are often hard-drivers with a tendency to go full (over)speed in several areas of life at once. Des…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 34: growth, avoiding entrepreneurial burnout, & a March challenge

Adventure: I continued swimming through the winter in Switzerland, pushing into new territory with my first breaking-through-ice swim. Such an incredible experience and one I wouldn't have thought possible (nonetheless enjoyable) a year ago. I'm 100% looking …


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 33: February Thrusters, Drawing, & Infinity Inbox

Adventure: I finally got the right conditions to go for a challenge I've had my eye on for a year now: combine XC Skiing and winter open water swimming. Check out my latest Vlog episode to see what it was like. If you're inspired for similar winter challenges…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 32: Fear & Imagination, Conversation Starter & 50K December Challenge

Professionally, I've been teaching a lot of yoga lately, which fits a major goal of mine to contribute in some small way to people better managing stress. I'm also hard at work writing Running Heavy and coaching endurance athletes toward their 2019 goals.With…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 31: Hard Paths, Crucible Events, Inspiration

I've been busy this November writing several articles for SEAL Grinder PT, teaching workshops, and writing my next book, Running Heavy. I'm also looking forward to teaching yoga for the 2nd half of November in Geneva at La Réserve Genève. I'll be giving two w…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 30: Moonshot Events

I started writing a new book this month. It's called Running Heavy, and will be a guide with training plans for all types of weighted running, from the use of training tools (weight vests, sleds, rucksacks, logs) to running when overweight.As I started my 20+…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 29: lower your phone, stress response viz, being selfish

I've been enjoying more long distance swimming challenges, and last week covered an invented 52KM course in the Alps, swimming and hiking our way across three gorgeous lakes and two passes. We carried camping gear and slept on the shore after the 2nd swim. Th…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest 28: Mantras, Straight Arms, Mornings

The Walensee swim was a success! We had to reschedule once due to weather, but the 2nd time was a charm. Our team of 4 finished the 16KM (10 mile) swim in times ranging from 5-6 hours.My biggest takeaway from this experience was how incredibly small it made m…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest #27

My next big challenge is to swim Switzerland's Walensee lengthwise. This 15km swim in a beautiful lake is situated right at the base of the Churfirsten, which happens to be the range Jeb Corliss flew off of in this epic wingsuit video from 2011. Weather-permi…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest #26

We had an incredible experience in Normandy on the 74th Anniversary of D-Day. The sea conditions were extreme, which was fitting for such a tribute. We all survived the swim and the 40KM ruck to Saint Lo, reached our fundraising goal, and had an epic time tog…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest #25

Sharing just one short update with you today --> My new book on Hill Running was just released on Amazon! This book has been a work-in-progress since Flow State Runner came out nearly two years ago, and it's a topic I love. I finally wrapped it up late in …


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest #24

Super short edition to let you know about my May Meditation Challenge here at the start of the month. It’s approachable and suitable for anyone looking to cultivate a little extra mental stillness this spring. This digest issue also includes an interesting re…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest #23

I'm continuing to train hard for our charity Swim-Ruck event in Normandy, and endured some very COLD training days in Switzerland in March. On the flip side, I also got a chance to swim in warm sea water and practice yoga on a hot day in the mountains in Oman…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest #22

I've continued to swim through the Swiss winter in preparation for the Epic Charity Challenge in Normandy in June. I'll be honest here though -- I can't wait for warmer water, and the English Chanel in June will feel much warmer than Swiss lakes in February!W…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest #21

I was happy to celebrate the publication of my 2nd book in January, as Run Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks launched on SEAL Grinder PT. A good friend of mine, Brad McLeod, owns this company, and I love how he has brought together a diverse team of coache…


Coach Jeff Grant's Digest #20

Just see each in your mind for a moment, and if you wish, note them down. I hope it has been a fulfilling year for you, full of the highs and lows of life, allowing you to enjoy the good times and build resilience and strength in the hard times. In 2018, I wi…